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"Home", it's a word that evokes different images in all of us. For some it is a place in our mind of a distant past.Some see it as a safe space, that may or may not have ever existed. For others it may be a vision of a goal or desire. Each individual has a unique...

“Let there be light”

Light is the first and primary tool of Design. Even the first designer began with with Light. "Let there be light". God. While any house is a structure of walls and ceilings. A great home is series of complimented Light and Air. For a home to be infused...

The Amazon Echo

In early 2016 we were assembling the ideas and tools we felt a true smart house should include. The Amazon Echo resonated with us as a key component in a smooth operating smart house. The voice activated Alexa system really seemed to bring the Future into the Present....

The Journey to the first Indy Smart House

Our Goals The Indy Smart House began with a set of goals. Primarily "how to utilize a Downtown Indianapolis lot", with limited space, while incorporating the needs for "social spaces and storage spaces". How could we combine indoor and outdoor living spaces to...

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