Light is the first and primary tool of Design. Even the first designer began with with Light. “Let there be light”. God.

While any house is a structure of walls and ceilings. A great home is series of complimented Light and Air.

For a home to be infused with energy and inspiration Light is where it all begins. It seems that every great classic designer has made similar observations and comments. Robert Wilson stated that “I start with light first, because light is what creates the space”.  Louis Kahn said “First I begin with light”. Le Corbusier was passionate about his design philosophy that “Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep”.

Each indy smart house is the embodiment of these observations and ideas. The first thing that a visitor notices upon entry to a smart house is the light and the space. This is intentional. These are homes designed to impact the visitor and the occupant in a subtle and continual way.

Every room in these homes has paid extensive attention to how light and air flow into and through the space that one is in. The intentional impact is to influence how one “feels” while engaged in a particular space. When we can affect how we “feel” , we can affect how we think. And any home that can encourage us to THINK is indeed a smart house.