“Home”, it’s a word that evokes different images in all of us. For some it is a place in our mind of a distant past.Some see it as a safe space, that may or may not have ever existed. For others it may be a vision of a goal or desire. Each individual has a unique perspective of what “Home” means to them.

A recent smart house custom build couple shared a personally touching perspective. We were discussing the construction stages and how the home would begin to take shape.The foundation, framing, finishes and the time frames were all being outlined. In effect we were presenting a time line of the shapes and spaces that would begin to be created and then order in which they would begin to take shape. When i had finished he just quietly smiled at me. He told me that all of his life he has lived in homes where he has had to adapt to the spaces. He said “this time I do not have to adapt to it, the home has already been adapted to me”. Wow, what a point of view. He stated that he could feel and see every room, every wall. That at this point in the creative process he could mentally walk into any room and “feel” the height and depth and the resonance of each space. He could already imagine how each room in their home related to them and their life.

When building a smart house with Alpha Group 1, time and attention is paid to how your Home feels and works for you. Each and every room is thoroughly discussed for answers as to how you use that space. Those answers determine your fit, functions and finishes. This is Intentional Design, the cornerstone of how every smart house is built.

When you look to buy your new home, the question will be. Do you adapt to it, or does your home adapt to you?

(By the way…this smart house client is blind and she is not)