Harry Sanders:

A lifetime of on site construction experience gives the knowledge of How. How Homes must be built to insure the highest standards. How personal customization gets transformed from idea to reality. How to produce excellence.

Being responsible for building thousands of homes sharpens the focus when being able to build a special home just for you. Attention to your personal details and requests are a foremost professional commitment.

An experienced participant in generations of Design Build trends lends deep understanding of why new trends work and evolve.
Alpha Group 1 is committed to Build for you, the best we can Design.

Intentionally creating space that “Works for You”


John Karamanski:

The indy smart house owes homage to many great visionaries. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unsonian Home of Samara for its elegant, functional and fluid designs. Joesph Eichler for bringing discipline to production and Design.  Buckminster Fuller for pushing technical boundaries.

The use of space is about: How do  we use it? Who do we use it with? How long do we use it? What do we do next? How many purposes can a space define? What new possibilities are available..?

The Alpha 1 indy smart house is purposefully designed to enhance and encourage the free flowing functions of Your space.
Alpha Group 1 is committed to working with you to Design the best we can Build.

Harry (317) 710-7706
John (317) 590-3367

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